Club Executive Coaching

Empowering Leadership Through Club Executive Coaching


  Private City, Country, Golf and Yacht Club are faced with the challenge of not having the leadership resources to respond to the demanding cultural shifts within the club. Additionally, the successful candidates assuming the leadership roles, don’t always possess the breadth of knowledge and experience to address these challenges.    

Professional club executives are expected to perform at a certain level from day one. Yet, few candidates start in their new role with the technical skills, experiential learning and emotional awareness needed to succeed. A proven club executive today must be qualified as a financial administrator, operations and marketing expert, management trainer, etc. Also, they are expected to be an excellent communicator with relationship skills and executive presence in their roles.  Clubs are much more complex than they were 5-10 years ago.  Factors such as self-awareness and resilience are critical for managers to acquire the ethos of the club.   

Club Executive Coaching provides the experience and credentials to coach executives to become a better fit for the club. Our assessments and development plans have proven to help club boards develops the strengths of their executive to perform better in their roles and responsibilities.   

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Why Coaching

Google CEO Eric Schmidt says the best advice he ever got was to get a coach. 

Top 5 Reasons Club Executives Choose Coaching

Show-Up Truthfully

Sometimes our presence can be misleading. Without realizing it, we can project messages that don’t accurately represent ourselves. A good coach will enhance your gravitas assuring your best version is present when you need it the most.  

Staying Factual

Previous experiences may have you jumping to conclusions that aren’t accurate. With the right assessment, a coach can identify facts to invest your time and energy in the truth about your potential.    

Own Your Performance

Once you focus your strengths and become aware of areas of development you can better focus on your growth. The Performance Development Plan you create is the blueprint to success. Your coach will keep you accountable to yourself.  

Identify Better ROI Goals

Setting and achieving goals takes time. Make sure your spending your valuable time on the goals that make the biggest difference. A coach will keep you focused on the objectives that really matter.  

Aware of Your Derailers

We all have blind spots that catch us by surprise. The coaching process reveals what others know about you that you may not be aware of. The coach will provide proven methods to keep you on the track.